The Early Years:

--In the third grade me and a friend would play chess during parts of our recess.  This started a trend amongst classmates, so me and my friend started the Frasier Elementary Chess Club which went on to state tournaments.



9th Grade

--Enwon Custom CD Creation was born.  For a while this was the perfect business:  Extremely low overhead, extremely high demand, 100% cash and no competition. 



10th Grade

--With the introduction of a new computer network throughout my high school, my intrigue of the computer world grew.  Within weeks I had discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the Novell Network, and was frequently asked for advanced network support by school administrators. 



11th Grade

--Neville1 Freelance Web Design was created.

--Created an unofficial after school club dedicated to stock picking, money making schemes, web design and computer programming.

--My fascination with the stock market started here.



12th Grade

--I decided to start an online business to see how the newly emerging field of e-commerce works.  I took it upon myself to learn every aspect from creation of the webpage to closing the transaction.  After plenty of exhaustive research, trial/error, lots of rejections because of my young age and skepticism from friends, the business went online and started making money that summer.

--Accepted into a special two-semester Cisco Certification course for networking technologies offered only to students who passed a certain test, interviews, applications processes and grade requirements.  This class was by far the most heavily funded class the school has ever had, and contained only a select few students from 5 different schools within the district.



1st Year College

--Having conquered online sales, I now needed to conquer the toughest selling method out there:  Door-to-door.  During trips back home I partnered with a friend to power wash homes and driveways in our neighborhood.



2nd Year College

--Started doing web design and other work for the Ardenwood Group.  At the Ardenwood Group I worked with the founder and CEO who taught me the ins and outs real estate research, acquisition and management.  I also learned valuable skills such as: working around language barriers, utilizing an array of accounting programs, how to improve old real estate, management techniques and too much more to mention.  This was an extremely valuable source of business knowledge for me.

--Worked at the Erwin Center, in order to attend football games and concerts for free.

--To put money earned from my business to work, I created an Ameritrade online brokerage account for stock investing.

--Joined the Texas Raquetball Club, who boasted coaches such as Kane Waselenchuk (#1 Men's player in the world) and Kim Russel (#1 Women's double player in the world).

--Volunteered to design, host and maintain the University of Texas Zoroastrian Students Association website on my company server.



3rd Year College

--Joined Texas Entrepreneurs, a selective UT Business sponsored club which hosts public speaking competitions, business plan competitions, distinguished speakers which include a wide variety of extremely successful entrepreneurs, and finishing school sessions such as poker nights, ballroom dancing, wine tasting, golf invitational, credit workshops and business etiquette classes. 

--Volunteered my services to the Texas Civil Rights Project

--Started becoming more involved in the stock market, increased portfolio value 16%

--Worked in the largest computer lab at UT for one summer while taking classes. 



4th Year College

--Started to work at the UT School of Law in the Information Technology Services department.

--Joined University Investors Association as an active member and presenter.

--Began separating all of my personal finances from my businesses in preparation for legally incorporating Enwon into an LLC.

--Began tracking the stock market even more actively.

--Became a business writer for The Daily Texan, the largest campus newspaper in the country and published full-page articles on different aspects of business and money.

--Created Resumite Personal Websites.  Currently in the process of applying for a United States Trademark on the name Resumite.

--Mentioned in Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, The New York Times and The Financial Times for online financial publishing about personal finance. 

--Created FancyBlog for passive advertising income.

--Attended the I C 2 Corporate Governance Conference for CEO's where I met many powerful people including Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines.

--Sold my notes in several classes for profit.

--Performed a bottled water experiment which attempted to turn a $5 investment into over $10 utilizing the help of homeless people.  Mentioned in Business Week for the experiment.

--Created emergency identification cards with a business partner for Hurricane Katrina victims who were relocated to Austin. - Facebook Tips & Tricks - Online Palm Reading.


Post College

--Increased HoR profits to $2,000 p/month within 3 months.